Silicone Cover Lids

  • 【Natural Stretchy Lids】 Worthy product!2020 Upgrade Version Nature silicone lids. Through final tested, better elasticity and tear resistance than old version, stretch to larger size and always keep own shape.Reusable lids are safer and saver than disposable plastic cling wraps, Reduce Pollution and Waste!
  • 【Microwave Safe Lids】Absolutely safe product! Real Food Grade stretch lids, 100% BPA-FREE, Microwave& Oven& Dishwasher& Boiled-water& Freezer-safe,The silicone bowl covers relax to resistant to higher and lower temperature ( -50 ℃ to +250 ℃ ).
  • 【Easy Stretch Lids】Surprise product!6 sizes in reusable silicone lids set fit almost any size of containers what is round,rectangular or square, even Irregular shape containers. silicon lids for pots and pans, bowl, food, plates, cups, juices jar, cans. Just please match the right size of container.
  • 【Seal Stretch Silicone】Necessary product!We use real expensive silicone material to made to ensure better sealing and not to consider profit first. silicone cover stretch are designed prevent spill, tight enough that create vacuum seal, Never drop leak fluid out and keep food fresh longer.
  • 【After sale service】Silicone lid covers set that won't let you down! Any questions after buy, send us a message. We will help you solve the problem on time. We do our best to ensure a satisfied services for you.