Eco Friendly Small Vegetable Bags Reusable

Save 40%
  • 18 PACK FOOD STORAGE SET - Excellent value for money Set of Food storage with 9 Pieces sandwich bags, 6 Pieces Silicone Stretch lids, 3 pieces beeswax wraps, and 1 sealing clip. Food grade materials, PVC-free, BPA-free, lead-free, chloride-free, direct touch with food, 100% safe
  • 9 PIECES BAGS FOLDABLE FOOD - Lightweight PEVA material, no smell, transparent and sealed. Includes Gallon Bags × 2, Meat Bags × 2, Sandwich Bags × 2, Snack Bags × 3. Transparent bags used to store fruit and vegetables or to put small objects such as cell phones, jewelry, glasses, etc.
  • 3-PIECE WASHABLE FOOD BEESWAX PAPER - New beeswax wrap in food beeswax, natural, healthy, and environmentally friendly beeswax. 3 sizes (L, M, S) can easily cover bowls, dishes, sandwiches, cheese, vegetables, etc. To keep food fresh. Beeswax paper can be reused after cleaning, providing a sustainable method for storing food without plastic. Say goodbye to the plastic wrap
  • 6 PIECES EXTENDABLE SILICONE COVERS - Excellent elasticity, strength, and tear resistance. 6-piece silicone lid ideal for cups, jars, glasses, and even square containers. Or cover the surface with cut lemons and watermelons. Effectively prevent the spread of taste and keep the water content in the refrigerator
  • MULTI-PURPOSE & EASY TO CLEAN - A new combination of solutions to keep food fresh. When the campsite is outdoors, it is convenient for transportation and storage to keep food humidity fresh and tasty. After use, just use cold water to wash and air dry, avoid using a dishwasher, hot water to wash